Google launches Reading Mode app to help blind and partially sighted users

Google has introduced a new app called Reading Mode as part of its December Android update, reported by TechCrunch. The new app is designed to help those with vision loss or dyslexia to read what is on the screen.

How does the Reading Mode app work?

You will have to install the app via the Play Store. Then you will have to specifically turn on the toggle button under Accessibility settings. This will enable the app to have a floating button on the screen irrespective of the app that might be on at that moment. This way, Reading Mode can be invoked on any app or webpage, allowing users more options to read the content if they are unable to do so in its present form.

How will this enhance the reading experience for partially sighted users?

With Reading Mode activated, there are going to be none of the other distractions like any animations or ads and such usually present on webpages or applications. Rather, the entire focus is going to be on the text portion. Further, the app also provides several ways to enhance the reading experience all the more. That includes the option to adjust the contrast, font type and size, and line spacing.

How does it help blind users?

Apart from these, the app also provides the option to read aloud what is on the display and adjust the reading speed as per user convenience. Plus, there is also the option to change the reading voice as well from several natural-sounding voices available. Languages supported right now include English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Which Android devices are compatible with the app?

Google said the Reading Mode app is compatible with any device running Android 9.0 and above, which should cover a huge user base easily considering that Android 9 Pie was launched back in 2018.

Also, the app is intelligent enough to read only the text that matters, and not what might be written on buttons. There is also the option to turn on a toggle that will highlight the portion of the text currently being read. This way, users can also follow on-screen what is being read.

Source: Tech Crunch 

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