Message From the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Dear friends,

Summer holiday season is here again, this time with a difference as we watch out for each other with the Covid virus continuing. As we wish you all the best with our festive greetings, we urge you to take the best of anti-virus protective measures, and above all to take special care not only of yourselves but also those around you.

In this issue there are stories of folks who have given of their creative best to enhance things and to find joyfulness in their environment and surroundings -- whether it's playing football or thinking of new quirks in credit card design. We are encouraged by such inspiration.

Our heartiest congratulations to Marie Heyns on her special birthday.

We have missed opportunities to meet and interact directly. So let me use this column to thank our board members, our management team and each and every one of our St. Dunstan's people for walking and working through this past year with us. I wish you all a blessed holiday with much happiness and joy in the new year ahead.