Team SA’s Para Athletes Illuminate the World Para Athletics Championships

The 2023 World Para Athletics Championships kicked off with a grand opening ceremony in Paris, showcasing the spirit and determination of para-athletes from around the world.

One team that proudly marched into the Paralympic Athletics Championships was Team South Africa (SA), ready to compete at the highest level.

On the second day of the championships, Team SA showcased their skills and resilience across various events in the morning session from 9am to 12pm on Sunday, 9 July.

Louzanne Coetzee, who competed in the T11 1500m H1 event, delivered an impressive performance, finishing second in her heat. Coetzee’s remarkable achievement set a positive tone for the South African team as they launched into the track events.

The 2023 World Para Athletics Championships, organized by the World Para Athletics subcommittee of the International Paralympic Committee, is the pinnacle of para-athletics.

Held in the prestigious Charléty Stadium, the event brings together athletes from around the globe to compete in various track and field disciplines.

As the championships continue, Team SA aims to bring home more remarkable victories and push the boundaries of what is possible in para-athletics.

With the exceptional performances of athletes like Louzanne Coetzee, Team SA is making its mark on the world stage, inspiring and uplifting fans, and supporters across South Africa. As the championships progress, the nation eagerly awaits the next thrilling moments and achievements by their para-athletes in Paris.

In an exhilarating evening session, Team South Africa showcased their exceptional talent and competitive spirit. Despite numerous challenges, the team’s athletes put forth a remarkable performance.

In an unexpected turn of events, Maria Strong, hailing from the Australia Paralympics, achieved a stellar performance in the women’s 100m T72 event, snatching the gold medal and the title of the new world champion. Magdalena Andruszkiewicz from Poland secured the silver medal, while Judith Tortosa Vila from Spain claimed the bronze. Maria Strong’s remarkable achievement, especially considering her previous bronze medal at Tokyo 2020, highlights her versatility and determination to excel in different events.

The strong presence of Team South Africa was evident throughout the evening session, as their athletes propelled themselves to the forefront of world-class para-athletics. This success is a testament to their unwavering dedication and exceptional talent. The goal of promoting inclusion and diversity in the world of sports resonated with every step taken by Team South Africa’s athletes.

Source: GS Sport