Tape Aids Avid Reader’s Audio Library

Tape Aids is a non-profit organisation that relies solely on donations to provide their services.  They have produced talking books for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled people for over 60 years.   Registered members can download talking books from the tapeaids.com website, currently they have approximately 9 000 titles available. New titles are added to the website regularly.  Back-dated copies of certain magazines are also available on the website.

They have the same genres that is available in a public library as well as textbooks and study material for learners and students.

Tape Aids can send books on mp3 CD’s to members via Aramex, Paxi or Postnet, and the member will be liable for the costs.  

Copyright permission

Publishers, authors and copyright holders gave Tape Aids permission to convert their books into accessible human-narrated formats for the exclusive use of their blind, vision-impaired and print-disabled members.


Currently they have 150 volunteer narrators and proofreaders that work from their home studios.  

Cape Town Team

The team at the Cape Town Service Centre in Goodwood consists of Maritsa (National Head of Cloud Production and Education), Karen (National Head of Library Operations and Afrikaans), and Ansie (Library Liaison Officer and Receptionist).

The voice on the recording belongs to one of their volunteer narrators Sue Moser. 

For more information, visit their website tapeaids.com or contact them on 021-6895983.